With all the phone cameras out there…why would I choose a professional photographer?

Portrait Photographer

A professional photographer is trained in making you look your best using posing techniques and camera angles. If you have ever been in front of a camera, well, then you know all the crazy uneasy feelings it produces. A professional portrait artist understands and will put you at ease so that you have the best of who you are, captured, and memorialized. 

Utilizing a professional photographer allows for exceptional styling and planning. It is way easier to plan a photo when you collaborate with someone who understands the technical details when taking pictures, including styling, lighting, color, fabric, make-up, creative design, and technique.

A professional photographer has experience in pulling groups together for a picture that will look natural yet include everyone looking their best!

There is nothing that shares your story better than pictures. 

Reasons for a photo session may escape you, so here are a few ideas to think about.

Have you just had a baby? Or are you pregnant? Timeless images are a great way to tell the story of your growing family. Your babies change faster than you will ever think! Don’t wait! oh, and when your children are grown, they will look back to see the pictures of you with them! loving them, holding them, and playing with them. Those pictures will mean the world to them.

Did you have a birthday? Adults can cake smash too! “Just sayin”

Have you ever taken the time to have pictures done with you and your kids or grandkids? A professional photographer can capture family connection and love on camera!

What about a change in life? Any change in life is a great time to have a portrait session. Memorializing life for your family is a wonderful gift idea! 

Do you have a space on your wall that would be perfect for a Fine Art Portrait of someone or a pet that you love? Fine Art photography can be an heirloom in your home! Imagine it!

Fine art image of a lovely little girl in a flowy yellow dress

Listen, if you have never had a styled portrait done, there is no time like the present to just do it. I recommend a full-service portrait session for women and girls! It is a HUGE self-love and value booster! Get your hair done by a Hair and Makeup Artist, choose lovely gowns and dresses from your photographer’s inventory, or bring your own and come enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

My name is Sherry, I am a local professional photographer and I am passionate about creating an experience and product that you will treasure for a lifetime. Oh, and hey! I offer free consultations, so what are you waiting for? Check out Moments Whispered Photography.

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