New Mood Music from Rising Acoustic Pop Artist Claire Anne

Last week, musician Claire Anne released her first extended play (EP) album called Serendipity. It consists of four acoustic pop songs and tells the melodic tales of lessons learned in the recent years from Claire’s own experiences as a striving artist. The album has been a long time coming for Claire, who is excited to see her work come to life of her own volition for the very first time. Her journey as a musician has been tumultuous over the years, and while we will dive into the hurdles she’s overcome, let’s first peek into the stories told within songs released over the past year. 

Serendipity was created within a cataclysmic inner transition that drove Claire to deeply connect with the process of making music for better personal understanding on how she thrives under the conditions necessary to flourish. Our audience on The Bright Orange Poppy was able to get a sneak peak at these songs prior to the album’s release and we took notice of the audience feedback. One song in particular struck a chord as it resonated a powerful experience most have lived through at one time or another. 

Throwing Stones tells the story of toxicity within relationships. While describing an antagonist of her past, Claire personifies them as carrying the burden of perfectionism and throwing their ideas at everyone around them. She begs them to stop living like this because it will destroy them. Not everything can be fixed, nor does every person want to be fixed. This is such a great message to listeners who are overshadowed by narcissists or perfectionism in their own lives.

A semblance of honesty and vulnerability enhances Claire’s songwriting strengths in each new track. Although as she tells her story, this has not always been the case. As a young teen Claire endured a particularly toxic relationship with a producer. He seemed to have the best intentions in mind for guiding her as a young songwriter, but it soon turned manipulative and controlling in nature. The producer took raw tracks she poured her artistic soul into and added distorting backtracks and effects that did not align with how she saw herself as a musician. It felt like a punch to the gut to see him attempt to “fix” the music when she didn’t feel like it was broken. Eventually, the producer inserted himself into her personal life, trying to control aspects of her health and finances. He caused pain and emotional barriers to her music career that took years to heal from and overcome. 

Serendipity is a huge feat for Claire and sends a resounding message of forbearance and strength. It is an ode to reclaiming her image and truth as a musician. There is so much to admire in this. As she has learned so much in the lessons life has thrown at her, Claire reiterates one of the best of these within Serendipity’s initial teaser, Heights

Heights depicts an image of a young woman struggling to balance on a tightrope 10 miles above a city. She could fall at any moment but can see the city lights and her destination. The woman set about this path because this is what others said she had to do to get there. She listened because she trusted them. While balancing in the middle of the journey, she is overcome with the realization that she went the wrong way. It’s too late to turn around, and she remains there looking towards the city lights – her dreams. Heights is very reflective of the album’s overall theme – her journey of overcoming. Claire’s dream is now carried by her own willpower and hard work; forged on new paths with clarity in vision and disregard to what others have in mind for her life or work.

In December of 2019 Claire released a single called Disregard. This track is a poetic message to artists who hear inner voices of negativity. The world of art is filled with the noise of naysayers, the loudest of which are very often those of the artists themselves. Claire repeats that she has fought with the inner voices and realized that they take no consideration of all the positive things to consider for forward motion. Claire urges artists to disregard the negative inner voices and keep moving towards goals and dreams. The outside looks very much different from how we view ourselves on the inside and we have no proof to show ourselves we can’t do it. Spoiler alert, we can reach those goals. Whether we are the first or last to do so, what matters is continuous motion to the end goal. Listening to Disregard is a surefire way to know you are not alone on your journey. Pursue your dreams dear artists of the world!

As seen through her lyricism and in real life, Claire is headstrong, kind and contains a fiery willpower that is not to be underestimated. Her music is the perfect mood music for moments of growth and self-reflection in a chaotic world with little regard for thinking out struggles and overcoming them for a brighter future. She lays out her heart in each song, in a way that allows listeners to glimpse the tangible thought journeys of getting through life’s crazy yet relatable throughs. 

Claire deserves so much support and recognition for allowing her music to be a catalyst of hope in the aftermath of struggles we all can relate to. Find her music on Spotify and Youtube, and follow her on Instagram to be the first to hear new tales of this musician’s journey towards city lights of dreams come true. 

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